Saturday, July 25, 2009


Funny that you want to start a new blog out perfectly the way it will always continue. The desire to use the same font, writing style, proper grammar and the decision to use or not use capitalization is almost overwhelming to me and a kill joy before I've even started. Also, whether or not to use complete sentences and how many run on sentences to allow per every blog.

But...a friend began a blog when she got real about homeschooling and I see that has been a great way to keep her accountable as well as to share her experience with distant family. goes. Hoping that maybe just the distant family will stumble across this account and not those in the "unknown". Whether you are family or friends, near or far, or whether you are from the "unknown" I hope you enjoy getting to meet our family and share in this experience together with us. You are enthusiastically invited into "Live (as in a-live; long i) at PJ's"!

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