Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Click, Clack, QUAAAACK

Jack, Lena and I were able to attend a local University production based on the book Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type, written by Doreen Cronin. I’ve seen a handful of plays similar to this in the past (during teaching years, and as a chaperone on field trips) and they are always fun. Sometimes the adaptation of the book is more impressionistic, but this particular play was very true to the books story line. This probably made it easier for Lena to follow along, being an hour long play. I guess you would really call it a musical, though, as it had singing and dancing as well as spoken parts. Jack really cracked up at the dunce of a Farmer (very stubborn guy). He got to sit next to an older brother like him, too, and I think he thought this was fun. I encouraged him to talk to the kid, but he didn’t start any conversations besides offering him some gum! Lena’s favorite part of the play was the same as her “best” part from the book…the duck declares at the end of the story “Dear Farmer, the pond is boring. I would like a diving board!”

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