Monday, November 16, 2009

Date Night, revisited

Paul & I cancelled a date night to a parenting conference week ago Friday due to illness, and frankly, an unexpected quiet evening at home.

This past Friday, thanks in part to a lovely neighbor gal, we tried again. BUT, we chose to take Jack with us. Sometimes it seems tough being the oldest sibling with the other kids nipping at your heels all the time.

We tossed around some ideas…the cheapest being swimming laps and custard, the priciest being dinner at Chili’s. We ended up deciding at the last minute with a movie and ice cream (for the boys) & coffee (for the mama).

We had a really good time just enjoying some older kid conversation without interruption. At the coffee house, we lucked out on some live music and a game of Chinese Checkers (are you kidding, of course I won…but I was sort of making up the rules as I went along).

Since I was in high school and babysat for other families, I had heard of the idea of taking one kid out occasionally on his/her own. It’s an idea I like and one I think we’ll stick with every few months or so.

In case you’re wondering about the other two:

PJ had some tears when we left and occasionally cried and looked for us until bed time. But our trooper of a sitter went with the flow.

Lena was terribly excited to have a girl’s movie with Jenny the sitter as well as popcorn (with goodies in it, of course).

Oh, and Jack was initially bummed when we told him we were taking him with us (Paul told him we were going to church)…he didn’t want to miss Friday night movie night. We kept telling him to trust us!!

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Mrs. Jarcy said...

"Going to church," very funny. You'll have to come up with other outings like "running to Walmart" to keep him guessing!