Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Thanks

Thanksgiving Day at Our House:
Thanksgiving Poems for the Very Young
By Nancy White Carlstrom

“Goodnight Prayer"

Thank you, God, for everyone
Who made Thanksgiving Day so fun.

Thank you for our happy feast
For all things great and all things least.

Thank you for our life all year
For friends away and friends right here.

For family in all shapes and sizes
For what we know and for surprises.

Thanks for blankets
Lamps and toys
Thanks for Daddy’s singing noise.

Thanks for Mama’s kisses three
Thanks for you and thanks for me.

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The Kistenichs said...

Hi Jenny, Thanks for the link to your blog. It's great and you're giving me some great ideas for things to do with Rebekka. Looks like it was a warm Thanksgiving. Great family pictures! I'll write more later..Rebekka is sick with the flu now. :( Love, Julie