Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Have ya heard this one?

Being out in general society during "school hours" can be tricky for a new homeschooler parent. Rife with self doubt about the legitimacy of the homeschool decision, it can be especially nerve racking when anesthesiologists, registered nurses, surgeons, and doctors ask your seven year old where he goes to school.

Luckily for me in today’s looks and questions of said PhD's, aforementioned seven year old deftly avoided any tricky questions by keeping his eyes glued to the hospital television playing his beloved Tom & Jerry cartoons. (God bless him, the kid has tunnel vision for the tele).

Anyhow, amuse yourself the next time you’re sitting in a hospital waiting room by answering the following questions with brainy, sarcastic, or outrageously comical answers and you’ll find time moves much more quickly!

Commonly asked questions about a parent’s right to choose homeschooling for their child:

So, what about SOCIALIZATION?

Is he cool?
Does she spend a lot of time with peers?
How much is he like a school-going child?
Does she have any freedom or spend time away from her parents?
Does he like his parents?
Does he like being away from his parents?
Does he feel comfortable being away from his parents?
Does she have friends?
How many friends?
How close of friends?
Does he have run-ins with bullies?

Does she know her place?
Will he be prepared to cheerfully enter the workforce at the end of childhood?
Will she be exposed to diversity?
Will he be a good citizen?
Will he be exposed to the ways of democracy?
Will she be able to function in society?
Will he get to be a kid?

(Questions from Rachel Gathercole’s The Well-Adjusted Child: the Social Benefits of Homeschooling)

This pic is for YOU, Pops!  Rest easy tonight!!

"Old School" plaster cast.

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