Friday, December 18, 2009

You're Invited

We've started a "letter writing campaign" around here this week.  Each day, Jack has been writing a different kind of letter to someone of his choosing. 

We've used this book by Loreen Leedy to guide our writing.  The author also has a website with book lists of all she's written.  She's a prolific writer, and her books are great learning resources without reading a traditional "textbook".

My favorite letter, thus far, has been the one Jack wrote as an invitation to "New Year's Eve" at our house.  It's been a tradition, now, for three years running that we watch a movie, play games for a long time (think: Monopoly marathon) and sleep in the living room on the couches.  I know...easy kids to please, right!

So, Pops, what do you say?
I couldn't fit the PS in the picture...but it says

"Tell me if you can"!

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