Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Comic Strip Reading

Having a boy first in your family does interesting things to a girl born second.  As much as Lena does love girly, princess stuff, she idolizes her older brother far too much to stay away from things in which he's interested.  She's a tough talkin', rough wrestling gal who can speak Pokemon with the best of them.  We think, however, she has a great role model to look up to in Jack.

Jack is an excellent reader, but tends to have strong preferences in what he likes to read for leisure (as you may have noticed in the "end of the month" reading report).  I remember from my teaching days many of the options for chapter books and reading which are geared toward boys.  Action, adventure-type books were popular as well as non-fiction.  Even getting boys to read a magazine or a newspaper is sometimes easier than enticing them to read a traditional novel. 

For this post, I'm specifically talking about the kinds of things Lena "reads" because Jack is the older, wiser sibling!  For the past two years, Jack will get on a "Calvin & Hobbes" kick and read through the comic book compilations any free moment of the day.  It keeps Paul and I in stitches when one of them says "Listen to this, listen to this" and they'll proceed to read (or in Lena's case, tell the picture story in her own words) until we cry "Mercy"!!

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