Friday, April 30, 2010


Lena is turning 5 this weekend. I hardly find this possible, and yet it seems there was never a time before she existed. She has always been so, well, HER for as long as I seem to be able to remember!

I dreamed of having a girl, even before Jack was born. It was a way to connect me to the next generation…to pass along all that being a woman entails. There have been mothers and daughters since the beginning of time and I wanted a part of that. Plus, I never had a sister, and was slightly envious of Mom & Nene’s relationship! Oh, and Jack always seemed to belong to the whole family, and now the second baby, I thought I’d really get just for myself. So, when she prefers to stay with me rather than others, even on vacation, I secretly smile and enjoy it all!

To even describe Lena is like trying to use every adjective in a thesaurus…the best way to describe her is just to say, “She’s so….Lena”!!

Lately, Paul has been facebooking funny things she says…you know like “I accidentally put something from the garbage on my face”….remember that one??

I don’t have the heart to correct her on words she misspeaks… to do that would mean she’s growing up and who wants that!!

Here are some to make you smile….celebrate 5 years with us!
“Where are the constructions (instructions) for this card game?”
“I like to sit in Dad’s hambox (hammock) and read.”
“Can I have some college cheese (cottage cheese) for lunch?”
“Can we go on the lazy susan (lazy river) at the pool tonight?”

Tata For Now!

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Mrs. Jarcy said...

Oh Jenny, I love this post. I think I understand what you mean completely and I only have the one. Does that make sense? Well Happy Birthday, Lena! I hope to enjoy your misspeaks in person sometime soon!