Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smoky Mountain High

Why the Smoky Mountains, you ask?  Here are 18 half thought out reasons why!

1.  Since before we had kids, Paul has been wanting to take them to National Parks.

2.  It is a manageable one day drive away.

3.  It is warmer than here.

4.  It is a free park.

5.  We found a really great place to stay in just outside the park.

6.  I really like to hike.


8.  Check off "hike the AT" from the Bucket List.


10.  We were low on pics which frighten Gram Jan.

11.  Always the chance of seeing wildlife.

12.  Allowing me the chance to practice restraint.

13-17.  Great photo ops.

18.  We're homeschoolers, cantcha tell?!?

1 comment:

d.n.williamson said...

Great Entry! LOVING all the pics. Hey, gotta do another park day soon OR a "mom's only" night...what are you up for?