Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Updates

PJ: He continues to be a hairy beast, though we love it! I’m always running my fingers through his hair. Because of the eczema, he is down to about one bath a week, but the curls really pop out when his hair gets washed! He is definitely becoming a larger part of our family all the time. He is in a learning stage about boundaries and is constantly checking me to see if I really mean “come here”. PJ is starting to love books and will take one to bed with him each night. He has also started carrying around one of Lena’s babies and has taken quite an affinity to “Baby Einstein” videos.

Lena: Here is a list of the things I heard this weekend while doing some preparation for Lena’s 5th birthday: “It’s my birthday, I get to decide”, “Can I push the play button for him again?”, “I’m NOT going in your bedroom”, “You don’t have to yell at me, Mom, you don’t be mean to the birthday girl”. Lena has recently gotten compliments at preschool for showing a growing maturity in “trying” situations. I’m so proud of her and so pleased we all have helped empower her with some emotional survival skills! Sure, there are struggles, still, but at least we’re taking small steps in the right direction! She has been such fun to be with lately…so full of life!

Jack: I feel as though I’ve been the hardest on him lately. When he acts like that seven year old boy, it gets irritating….when he acts like an adult (like we sometimes treat him) it gets on my nerves, too! Regardless, he’s doing great. He is finishing up his second Awana book of the year and will receive a cool plaque next week. In school, we’re tying up some loose curriculum ends with random questions and books. Over summer, I plan on doing a timeline with him to tie up a lot of our year’s curriculum and get us geared up for third grade. Jack has been seeing lots of friends at our house, at other kids’ houses, around camp, and at church. He’s still enjoying gymnastics a lot and looking forward to baseball season, too. We’ve recently had a lot of chances to practice looking adults in the eye when talking to them.

Hope this isn’t too “Christmas letter-y” for you….I feel I’ve been out of the blog loop for a while! Let’s talk again soon, J.

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