Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Callin' It

School is OUT for the summer.

I was planning on forging ahead with this being our last week of our regular routine.

However, the weather is too great, motivation on my part too low and life too chaotic.

We will finish up our reading on the middle ages and the scientific method this week from library books, but other than that, we’re callin’ it.
Jack, Lena and I will have a morning meeting after breakfast and chores today. 
We’ll go over: summer chores, money makers, big ideas and our summer school work.

  summer chore list

money makers for when "you're bored"

 summer school

the fun stuff...We made this list last year and it was fun to cross off ideas throughout the summer.  Also, there are so many cool summer things to do right in our neck of the woods that we often overlook.  To write them down makes them seem really special, like, "Yeah, we did do a lot of great summer stuff!"

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d.n.williamson said...

LOVED the lists. I may need to do something similar. Thanks for the ideas.