Wednesday, May 5, 2010

on the spot learning

I wish I had pictures to catalog every thing that was learned at the schoolhouse these last two days. I grabbed my knitting to carry around with me as I followed the kids around and therefore didn’t have my camera.

Practiced playing with our siblings (another “Spy Kids” game featuring Agent 1 & Agent 2)
Made snack mix for preschool
Made cookie bars for playdate
Had four friends over to play for a whole afternoon
Played farmer and the horses (I’ll try to give a photo essay on this hilarious game sometime)
Observed baby goats moments after birth (still wet!)
Learned about goat “afterbirth”
Tadpole and frog life cycle
Finding colors in nature
Garlic mustard identification and invasive plants
Flower gardening and proper planting technique
Vegetable garden preparation

What makes me laugh is that this list doesn’t include our “regularly scheduled school”! We’re still plugging through on our topics list and Jack has enjoyed checking off the items we’ve covered.

I’ve recently been thinking I’d like to make Jack a really nice portfolio of his second grade year. Not a very thick one (especially if I plan on doing one every year) but a keepsake.

Also, I’ve been spending a lot of spare moments thinking about next year. I asked Lena what she’d like to learn about and she said “animals”. She heard Jack and I talking about learning World history vs. American history. We’ve covered both this year in part and we were thinking of doing a more in depth study of one over the other.

Lena got her hair cut last night, too. It’s the Dutch boy cut again. I miss her longer hair, though. It seemed more feminine and girly for a newly minted 5 year old. However, until she can break her habit of chewing on the ends of her hair, the shorter hair has to stay. Too many tears pulling a brush through that mess each morning.

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