Wednesday, May 26, 2010

White Trash

This view of our porch was cracking me up the other day. We have so much kid stuff it’s hilarious…and when the sun warms God’s great earth, it seems like we bring most of it outdoors.

I was telling Lena about how one day when Jack was 3, he spent an hour filling up all the tea cups and play cups we had and lining them up on the sidewalk. She thought she’d give it a try, too. I sent her to the basement to get the “kitchen stuff”. God bless her, if she didn’t have the WHOLE KITCHEN drug to the bottom of the stairs before I heard her yelling for help. She thought I meant the whole thing! Well, with a stretch of warm, outside days ahead of us, I thought, heck we’ll bring it out….line it up with all the rest of the stuff.

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