Friday, August 27, 2010

The Divine Miss "L"

If I could bottle up a day to remember Lena as five, it would have been Tuesday of this week.

We had just finished our first chapter book together that afternoon. “Little House in the Big Woods” was the first chapter book she was really able to focus and sit through without pictures. Don’t get me wrong, as I begin to read a chapter or half chapter each night before bed, she circles around like a cat for a good few pages before she finally stops wiggling. But you could tell….she was really focusing on the story and interested in what was going on in the lives of “Laura & Jack” (why not good little Mary???).

As we all headed out to the tent to camp out for the night, I quickly rifled through the chapter book shelf for my all time favorite late summer read, “Charlotte’s Web”. It’s about the county fair in so many parts of the book, and come Labor Day time, so are we!

We read several chapters before flashlights out and Lena enjoyed the book as much as I’d hoped. The next morning when the garbage truck and farm animal sounds woke us up at 7 am, she rolled over and sleepily said “Mom, can we read more of Charlotte’s Web”. Ah - - - be still my heart. She is a lover of books, after all.

I couldn’t stop smiling as I read in my best “annoying neighbor tones”, the voice of the goose and pointed out all the good qualities Fern exhibits.

When the dust bunnies of the county fair are long rolling down the highway, my girl and I will be snuggled up in her bed with a gajillion Webkinz (another new favorite) most likely reading “Little House on the Prairie”.

It almost makes the long nights of fall worth the coming!


Anonymous said...

Jenny what a wonderful legacy you are making for the kids. I am so excited about reading and know it is the gateway to great and new adventures! Love, J

Mrs. Jarcy said...

That photo looks like Lena's first headshot. You've been warned.