Thursday, August 19, 2010

History Comes Alive

If you've been to our house you know below the big kitchen counter we have two stools.  Hiding behind those two stools is a fabulously blank canvas for which to keep a world map and timeline.  New to the Scout Road Schoolhouse this year, we'll more closely study geography and history through the use of this world map and timeline.

Lena's FIAR program asks for each day the story is read, that the country/state of origin is noted on a map.  She has a small picture to adhere to the map for each story.

How did I luck across THIS fabulous site which has already done 90% of the research for me?  Googled it, of course and had a lucky day!

We'll be using a laminated world map.  The plan is to buy one at an office store close to home as I don't want one with wrinkles due to a folded map for cheaper shipping. 

As for a timeline, I found a set of four timelines at which will fit in the designated space. 

Because these timelines will not be very user friendly, more of a reference material, I'm also going to purchase Sonlight's blank Book of Time for Jackson to work in along with these small adhesive pictures for him to assemble his own timeline as we complete this third grade year.


By the way...have you used, yet?  What have you found useful?  It's new to me!!

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