Monday, August 2, 2010

Mama Scouts

If mothering were a scouting adventure, I’d have earned a badge today.

I always knew when the kids were young, that physically caring for them was much easier than caring for their emotional needs. This was proven to me again during a tough day for Lena.

Over the weekend, there was one day where there were kids rolling in and out of this house. Playing inside, playing outside, bringing flies with them at every entry and exit. Jack was the king of them all, leading the way and following along as the kids played. They’d hop on their bikes and be off to another house then be back here, again.

And then….Lena. She has training wheels on her bike, and while not physically capable of keeping up with the other kids (all boys but two), it’s her emotional maturity that keeps her near her Mama. She was sorely upset about all this coming and then leaving without her. She had two fairly successful attempts at independence during the day, but both resulted in very short play periods, not the kind for which she was hoping. When PJ got up from his nap, I escorted her down to the center of action and hung out from a distance. When I was ready to leave, she found a playmate who was invited to come home with her and play at our home base. We were all so excited!

These two girls had a good 20 minute play time before Jack & the gang waltzed in and on their waltzing back out, Lena’s playmate was enticed to go along. All of the action was happening so fast, I didn’t realize what had happened until I hear Lena a bit down the road screaming (in Marlon Brando fashion) “Stella, Stella, Stellllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa*”. I could see she was already in serious meltdown mode. I run out there, almost crying myself at the loss of the playmate and scooped her up to let her cry. If only it were that easy! She was crying not only from the abandonment, but also from the anger! Luckily, she got herself over to the barn to console amongst the sheep and goats before she got herself into trouble as well!

It took us both a while to recover. After a bit I called her back to help make macaroni and cheese. She got extra kisses and lovin’ that night and was fairly tired of all the attention by the time the evening rolled around. In fact, as it is with kids, she was long over the trauma much sooner than I was!

Following the girl drama of the day was Jack’s first non-family sleepover! Two friends came over after a lengthy time of outdoor exploring, then inside for chocolate milkshakes, a pirate movie, and a sleepover. Though Lena and I went to bed before the boys, they were easily asleep by 10! What was in those milkshakes?? Clearly not enough chocolate if they were asleep that quickly!

So the weekend’s events have led to a new mama badge for me. Whether it comes in the form of coffee out with a gal pal (this morning, yeah!), extra time to myself provided at the expense of a hardworking hubby (last night, yeah), or a green sash with iron on patches, I’m satisfied. Mostly satisfied the weekend is over and Monday is here, yes, but satisfied nonetheless!

*names have been changed to protect the innocent
until we meet again

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