Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All About Me, revisited

Last month I shared this blank document as a fun first day of school activity.  Here were the results of ours...

Note: In Lena's family picture, MOM is the big face in the middle....the center of her universe, I guess!

Note: In Jack's family picture, he forgot (?) to draw Lena....hmmmmmm...more to add to her list of future topics to discuss with her shrink.

The first two days of school went very well.  Despite slight fevers on both of the big kids and lots of extra play time one of the days with lingering friends, both were enthusiastic about beginning again and were more than ready to tackle the work set out for them.  They were especially excited about their nature journals which I'll share in an upcoming post.  PJ, too, did great in his play room time.  Even if the rest of the week falls off, I feel so grateful we had a positive jumping off point.

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Anonymous said...

Great Start! It is because you were so prepared and had wonderful activites and supplies on hand. Love their future occupations. Janenne