Thursday, September 23, 2010

Away, Away

Yes, we've been away and we're going away again! 

This week we've been away though still at home.  Strange, yes, but true.  Life has taken over this week and I'm struggling to make it look good as I come up for air!  As I always seem to be saying "A lot going on...all good things, but still a lot!!"

To capture it all, I'm resorting to my old friend "the list":

-read about Early Americans
-ran around the house three times
-went on a beast quest (new book series)
-read several books in a new book series
-Awana, swim team, and birthday party, Apple Barn
-drew and labeled a skeleton
-had piano lessons
-taught PJ how to empty the dishwasher
-read Lena one book by force

-told me 13/15 letters we've been working on (big day)
-read Madeline and learned about the Eiffel Tower & France
-drew an ink picture and colored it in with cray pas
-Awana, gymnastics and a birthday party
-played with Bear & Doll after digging up grocery cart/stroller from basement
-made an apple pie almost on her own
-made a bow and arrow

-beaned Lena with a drum stick, then chucked play shoes at her
-got his first real discipline
-helped pick gourds from the garden
-ate several apple cores (around the seeds) and fed the rest to a donkey
-practiced running in the yard

As for me, well, I've watched it all happen!!

Before I sign off to prepare us for our next adventure, share a photo with you of the smallest member of the house.  Despite his reprobate ways of earlier in the week, he still went peacefully into the play room each day where he plays on his own until I finish school with Lena and Jack is steadily into his work.  However, after a recent reintroduction of the musical instruments toy box, he took to the harmonica to share his sorrows with you.

Why he took his pants off is lost on me...unless its a relection of his hand me down jersey.

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful thoughts and insights to your week at home. I am so impressed with your writing. Love the picture of PJ and it is fun to hear about him finding his place in the family and asserting himself. Would have loved to taste the apple pie from Lena and hear Jack read. You are a wonder! Love, Janenne