Monday, September 13, 2010

Nature Study : Part 1

Now that I'm done with my "eye nap" as Lena calls the moments when I sometimes rest my eyes in the early afternoon I can get to sharing with you about our nature study.

Over a year ago, now, I came across the Blue Yonder Ranch homeschool blog and was really inspired by this post detailng the nature journals they kept.

For us, we will try to accomplish a three parts to our nature study on a weekly basis. 

Part 1 is to get out and hike!! 

Knee high by....look at that corn!

The shortcut to my favorite hiking trail.

Hiking B-I-N-G-O is a good motivator to get outside!

Can you see PJ hollering "on, on" for "come on you slow pokes"!

Taking a look, and checking it twice.

Wild grapes, Jennifer...

..and what to guess on these?

Fresh air equals happy kids! 

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Anonymous said...

There is nothing sweeter than a little two year old in a hooded jacket! What a fun day for all and a great learning tool. Janenne