Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Give Me Five

I’ve been intending to blog about the FIAR(Five In A Row) program for weeks now, but as soon as I start to share something cool, it seems we’re on to the next neat topic or book!

This year for Lena’s base curriculum, we’re using the FIAR program. The title comes from reading the same good book to her each day. Many of the book titles are classics, and all of them provide for good cross-curricular activities.

Monday’s focus is Social Studies, Geography & History.

Tuesday’s focus is Language Arts: Vocabulary, Story Elements, & Descriptive Writing.

Wednesday’s focus is Art!

Thursday’s focus is Applied Math (using math in everyday situations).

Friday’s focus is Science.

For many of the subjects we simply discuss certain topics as they appear in the story. But often, we do something tactile, and if at all possible, I try to turn a learning activity into a craft project!

The FIAR program has turned out to be an excellent backbone for our Kindergarten learner (and her Mama is enjoying it too) this year. Without our beloved library, it would be a costly program, but with proper planning, it is turning out just fine to use books on loan!

(Note*I bought the only FIAR "guide books" off ebay last summer and paid below price for very well taken care of books.)

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Anonymous said...

You are amazing - I do not know where or when you find the time to research and buy the materials. Lena is diffently a hands on learner so this sounds perfect for her.