Monday, October 4, 2010

Home Church

It just felt right yesterday to stay home on a Sunday morning and have "home church".  We've had some busy-ness around here as of late: a fair amount of running around, as well as frequent visitors, and a full day's work for everyone in the family.  Accomopanied with lingering coughs and sniffles, and well, you see what I mean!

Doing church at home is also a good chance to show the kids that church isn't just a building we go to one day a week, but wherever believers in Christ are gathering in the His name.  We sang some songs to Paul's guitar, discussed some verses from the Bible, and spent a few moments in prayer.

To end a nice, peaceful morning around the house, we all spent thirty minutes cleaning the upstairs (per my request) and then went on a hike.

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