Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Order Rules

Have you heard of this game...ColorKu?

Neither had we until a co-worker loaned it to Paul.

Paul thought Jack would like it, so we tried it out one night after all the kids went to bed.  It was fun, but definitely more fun (in my mind) because we did it together.  I'm not one who takes easily to a SudoKu puzzle...I'd much rather have a crossword any day!  Paul played a few rounds with Jack at lunch.  By dinner time, Jack had all the game cards in numerical order so that he'd be able to go through each game setting from the beginning.  By that I mean, he liked the game, and I guess has a natural tendency for mathematical order!


d.n.williamson said...

I GOTTA have one...

Anonymous said...

No surprise there - he has that natural talent for math (money is a hit!)and I am so glad you guys encourage that also. Love, Janenne