Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Book Club

Like most things at the Scout Road Schoolhouse this year, they started out good but slowly! However, Jack and I have really begun to find our groove in our Monday afternoon meeting of Book Club. Even Lena has recently joined in since we started having hot cocoa with the advent of cooler weather.

Jack is assigned a novel to read each week that closely correlates in topic to his Social Studies reading. It is up to him how he divides the reading up for the week, as long as it is finished by Monday afternoon.

Thus far he has read, Sign of the Beaver, The Talking Bones, Paddle-to-the-Sea, How to Train A Dragon, How to be a Pirate, Pedro’s Journal, and the Vanishing Treasure.  This isn't an exhaustive list of his reading, just assigned chapter books for Language Arts.

Monday afternoon, we snuggle on the couch or set up a tea party of sorts in the playroom.  If I’ve found any discussion questions by googling the world wide interweb, I might ask some of those, but if not, we talk about parts we like about the book and whether we’d recommend it to others. As our list of commonly read novels grows (yes, I have to read them too!!) we’ll be able to compare story elements.

Our last Book Club came together very naturally and finally felt like a discussion with a peer instead of just “Mom asking questions again”. Soon, it is in my plans to have Jack lead the book club! We’ll see!

Oh, Lena (who might have heard a chapter or two of the assigned novel) usually participates by quietly sipping her cocoa or choosing a book to share with us that she recently enjoyed.  She shares her favorite page and whether she'd recommend the book to a friend!

If you want to join us, let me know, and I’ll tell you of our upcoming readings!!!

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Anonymous said...

How exciting and I am glad Lena joined the group - hot chcolate is always an added treat.
Love, Janenne