Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Before the school year started, I made a multi-curricular list of projects for Jack to complete after finishing readings in Social Studies. Each week for Social Studies he has assigned non-fiction reading in a certain topic area.

Throughout the week, he spends time choosing a project from the list and working on it until he “presents” it to me on Friday. At this point, I’m still involved in every step of the process, but eventually, he’ll be in charge of the necessary draft and redrafting.

Here is a photo gallery of completed projects thus far. I’ll list the accompanying topic and/or book which inspired the project.

Native People :: Sign of the Beaver
Illustrate an invention useful to a period from this time period:
"Squirrel Pole"

Native People :: Paddle to the Sea
Design a housing structure or vehicle used by a character:
"Lego Canoe"

Native People :: Talking Bones
Draw a diagram:

"Indian Life" Series
Duplicate a game:

Vikings :: How to Train a Dragon
Paint a shield:

Columbus :: Pedro's Journal
Make a Diagram:
"Santa Maria"

Explorers ::
Make a Chart:
"Comparing Explorers"

Colonial America ::
History Pockets

Interesting to note; Jack has chosen the non-writing projects first! He was surprised the other day when I told him he could only do each project once until the list was filled…then start over again!

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Anonymous said...

His projects are great - I think the comparison chart should be counted as writting:)! He is so funny - Janenne