Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hearing From Santa

The tradition has been for several years now, that boys and girls at the Scout Road get a letter from Santa on St. Nick's Day.  It's sort of a "check-in" from the big guy to see how you're fairing on the "naughty/nice" list.  I mentioned in a post last year, but the free sight I have been using can be found @ 

We've had some good discussions about "believing" in Santa Claus over the past week or so.  I found Santa, Are You For Real? to be a very good book to discuss the issue.  It's a tricky topic especially with kids of different ages in the same house.  I want the kids to know we believe the meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  Also, when God gave Jesus to mankind, He became the first gift!  I liked explaining to Lena that Santa is like a "tall tale" which we've studied.  Santa is based off a real man, aka St. Nick, and his good deeds are well remembered when we talk about "the spirit of Christmas".

PJ's letter to Santa...I think he's getting coal this year.

Jack's continues on the other side..."also some Pokemon, Bakugan and some packs of Snickers".

Lena's is just hilarious with the ..., I think she takes after her...Mother.
Anyway, a pillow pet unicorn, piggy and a radio... please Santa!!!

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