Saturday, January 29, 2011

the party rolls on

Recently, we hosted a birthday party for a friend in our neighborhood.  When the kids got home from Awana, they were allowed to stay up and enjoy the fun.

Jack found a merciful soul willing to play Battleship at 10 pm at night...must be someone MUCH younger than me!!

Lena preferred a bit more action (of course!!). 

After a rousing game of "ball tag" in our living room she disrobed her top layer and held court in front of the guitars.  Either: A) she was completely interested in the game she was playing (not likely) B) the music was extremely mesmerizing (likely) or C) she was trying to be as unnoticeable as a church mouse so she could stay up as late as possible (probable). 

Its multiple choice... so there is only one correct choose.

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Anonymous said...

I am going with "C" but do feel "B" may be a strong second. How fun to have so much joy in the house. Enjoy today - no stressful games! Love, Janenne