Monday, January 17, 2011

Science Sleuths!

Late last summer I decided we’d count Social Studies/Science as a combined “Sciences” curriculum. Doing this, we focus on one topic at a time. Because my interest and abilities are higher in the History and Geography genre, we began there.
I plan for Jack, first, since his curriculum is more in depth and then find as many places to plug in exposure for Lena, too.

The curriculum book we use gives a clear picture of what topics to cover in both sciences. While doing some long range planning over Christmas, I began to think more about science ed. since we’ve almost wrapped up what Jack “needs” to be accountable for as a third grader.

Incidentally, after discussing with him the other day if he was ready to switch from American History to World History (as 3rd grade curriculum suggests), he said, “No way! We’re almost to the war and we’re finally getting to the good stuff”! So we’re changing our curriculum to keep on with American History this year and will start off next fall with World History.

Upon getting out my stack of science curriculum (project ideas, worksheets, etc) I came across several resale store (yeah, Pops!) treasures. I found a small stack of workbooks and textbooks I’d set aside from my larger stash of school stuff thinking it might be age appropriate for our learning this year. After sorting through the small pile, I found a dozen or so ideas which will give up just the leap we need to really delve into some science this winter. It surprised me how little motivation I’d need to encourage the kids to get into some of the topics we’ll cover. Actually, the kids never need motivation to dive into learning, it’s me that needs the nudge to say “Oh, COOL, we get to investigate light energy today!!”

We’ll be reporting back with some hard scientific data… let’s hope!!

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