Wednesday, January 26, 2011

when dropping kids off for a new experience

Earlier this week, the kids had a class at our amazing zoo.  The classes were arranged through a local homeschool group, so I knew the kids would be in good hands, though I didn't know but one other family who would be attending the classes.

I had PJ with me and therefore, didn't sign up to chaperone the classes.  As we waited for the others to arrive, I started to get a bit nervous about just dropping the kids off with other kids and adults in a building/class/situation they'd never before encountered.  Maybe it wasn't nerves, just the excitement of something new. 

It didn't take me long, though, to remind myself that I'd done everything possible to prepare the kids for this new experience and as they walked off to their different classrooms, Lena's big wave and "bye Mom" left me feeling happy for the fun and learning time they were about to encounter.

Take heart, then...with little preparation, you too can have confidence in knowing you've done everything possible to set your kids up for a new and positive experience:

1. Clearly state your expectations to the kids.
*I expect you to be kind to the other kids.
*I expect you to be respectful of the leader.

2.  Prepare kids for what they might expect. 
*Explain how the class might run similar to Sunday school (ie one teacher and many students, raising your hand to ask questions, etc).

3.  Physically prepare kids before the drop off.
*Use the facilities prior whether they need to or not!
*Arrive a few minutes early and eat a snack.

4.  Be prepared yourself!
*Read any important information before arriving (like where to meet, whoops!!).
*Enjoy the time alone or one on one time with younger sibling.

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