Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mid-Winter :: Mini-Break

Preparing for, adventuring on, and recovering from our mid-winter :: mini-break are taking up a lot of time around here. Even I’m not sure how time plunges into that abyss of yester-moment, especially between 1 and 3 in the afternoon! In lieu of dropping into the extremes of either excessive list making or procrastination, I’m trying to remember a few important pre and post trip as my mantras.

Instead of packing a week before and worrying about what you might forget, go on about business as usual at home. I thinking, now, it doesn’t make any sense to go into a vacation having a stressed Mom and frustrated kids.

You can’t actually pack clothes, books, toys, etc. until at least the day before. You’ll either a) end up unpacking at some point to remember if you packed undies for the kids or b) the kids will unpack what you've packed because they are looking for that thing which you've already packed.

It is okay to leave dirty laundry in the baskets!  Does this bother anyone else?  Maybe it is because of where we live...with the possibility that someone might come into our house to change the furnace filter... that keeps me from leaving excessively dirty anything hanging around.

Having said all that, I’m four hours shy of 24 hours till take off….I better get to list making, or packing, or dusting, or something!

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