Saturday, August 29, 2009

in the bag

Well, it's been official, now, for several weeks. We've taken the plunge to homeschool Jack and continue Lena's preschool learning on the morning when she's not learning in town.

I've got the backbone of our curriculum set. Now I'm just waiting for some free time to flesh out the first month in detail. I'm fairly certain I've all the supplies we need to get started, anyway. Maybe a Bible curriculum book and a foreign language study will be on the Christmas wish list.

I've got to do some more careful thought on desired character traits to work on this year, however. With the amount of time I'll be spending in close quarters with Jack, it will be a matter of importance for me to say "Okay, he's 7...this is something I can work on with him now" VS. "Okay, he's 7...let him act like he is 7!". I know by the day's end my tolerance for chatter, noise, and talk of Pokemon is considerably lower than in the morning.

He is enthusiastic about homeschooling, I know. He's so easy going for most things, but he has been asking if we could start ASAP and I keep telling him "soon, soon"!!

Lena, too, will be quite pleased to have her brother home with her to play with for parts of the week. The two mornings a week she is in preschool, however, will go far with having her appreciate the time she does have at home with him.

Finally, with PJ's schedule changing every month or so towards more awake time and less sleep, I'm trying to keep in mind that the schedule I make for fall will not and should not be the same as next spring!

It is my goal to soon post our weekly schedule so you can see how well I would have functioned in the military (type A personality, you know). After that, I think I will try to post once a week with pictures to show lots of fun progress made by the students. I'll add additional posts as we do special field trips or events which we'd share.

Thanks again for all who have given their cheering efforts toward this endeavor. It's not one taken lightly or with heaviness toward the amount of work. We're all very excited to share in our learning with you and invite you to be part of the teaching pool!

With love,

Us 5