Monday, September 28, 2009


Yes, so I am backlogged on posting and am using the chance of an “educational” shark video (a rare thing in our house to have technology in the morning, which I love and feel an enormous amount of inflated pride over) to catch up.

As mentioned in previous posts, I need help in helping my own kids “create art”. I thought this might come naturally to all kids, but it doesn’t. In our family it takes someone to sit down and enjoy it with them as well as the determination to not “show them how to do it” as an attitude of “I can do it myself” reigns. I have a healthy sense of art appreciation on my own, but to teach art and creativity (is this possible?) I’ve found one valuable website from the National Gallery of Art @ They have a very cool kids section if you upload all of the tools to run it properly on the computer.

Okay… off to prepare the lunch kill for the great whites beginning to rouse in the living room.