Monday, September 28, 2009

Shark Week!

I find it such a privilege to help my own kids navigate their future paths.  It is so cool to see what they are interested in and with what they are gifted.  From these natural beginnings, Paul and I get to help them find a career path that might feel more like a hobby. 

A job they love...imagine that!  It's such a different work force out there today with the majority of people not even finding their chosen profession well into their 30's and 40's.  What a blessing to start looking into internships and potential careers while one is young!  Such an opportunity homeschooling provides!

Every few weeks, Jack (and to some extent Lena) will be doing a unit study on an ocean related topic.  Jack and I made a big list of lots of things he'd like to learn about the ocean.  Right now, he wants to be a scuba diver "when he grows up".  And if a boy is going to grow up to be a scuba diver, he better know a lot about sharks!

He started the day with his regular box work (see earlier posts with orange crate picture), piano practice and chores.  Then we spent a half hour reading shark books before we headed to the table to draw and label the outer parts of a Thresher Shark.  I'm not sure artistic giftings run through either him or me, but we had fun plunging in head first with an "I Can Draw Sharks" book.  Note that Lena chose to do a family picture planted safely on land.