Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Beginnings

All has started off really great around here for schooling.  I'm still chalking the smoothness of our routine up to the fact that we were sort of running the same program in the summer.  Also, I've been very focused on our tasks at hand and for the past months have been slowly slicing down my schedule to accommodate what we're doing now.  Anything extra I've done (birthdays, garage sale, GNO's) has not been done without the help of family.  So, thanks to all the extensions of this family who have been giving us several hands!

We have had AMAZING weather around here for two weeks now, and it looks to continue in the forecast.  This has been really fun to still have the kids out and running about while we can.

Lena had her first days of preschool last week.  She was a very enthusiastic student, for sure. 

Jackson has eagerly taken to his morning work as well as the lessons we do together.  After chores, he completes his "box work".  In the box are: handwriting book, daily journal where he writes and draws about one topic, math facts on a wipe board (and multiplication memorization cards to come) and Awana book or note cards we've chosen for Bible memory.  After this (right now running him 30-40 minutes) he practices piano either on his own or with me and the other kids crowding around.  Then we meet at the table for an hour of lessons, math games, read aloud to Mom, and some sort of introduction to creative arts.  After snack, we finish up any loose ends and head outside. 
Today we headed outside for "Nature's Bingo".  It's a good way to get kids motivated to keep going on a hike longer than they might initially be inclined.
So, for now, enjoy the pictures and we'll talk again soon!

Here's to Great Beginnings!

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