Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We've got several different kinds of infestations coming into Scout Road these days.

The first I think we’ve got on the run.

The sun is peeking its face outside the school house. Activity and appetite remain on the upswing and fever and nausea continue on the decline. (Note to upcoming dinner guests & overnight visitors: daily bleaching of door knobs and confinement of sick individuals will occur to assure you a safe and healthy stay with us.) I’m following a mix of gentle hysteria and strong faith to deal with the inner worry and emotion that comes with children and illness.

As for the second infestation... well, I’ve learned years ago to release my hands and my dustbuster to the situation. They are here for only weeks out of the year, stay near the light sources, and go away each evening.

 Shoo to bugs and flu!

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