Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Fun

When it looks like fall but feels like winter…

We bring the leaves and the colors inside.

It has just been this homeschool year that I have had enthusiasm and patience to give opportunity to “big idea” crafts at home. (Note: Big Idea to me, meaning anything above and beyond coloring…that’s fun, isn’t it?) Lena is still of the age where it seems like the work Mom puts into the preparation doesn’t quite pay off with the length of enjoyment from the child.

Having said all that…we’ve done something just this week which we should have done years ago….made salt dough! Leaf prints, cookie cutters, oven, paint, modge podge….voila!


This fall festivity plus a little decorating (from our ONE fall decorating bin!!) and pumpkin carving and we’re set until the REAL holiday begins.

Post script…how many homeschool bloggin Momma’s do you think are called away from the computer because the baby has his hands in the toilet? Well, at least it was clean (read: flushed). Happy Days!

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