Friday, October 30, 2009


Jack has been working on his family tree the last four weeks. We pull it out each Thursday and work on it a bit more. I was impressed with his ability to stay interested and engaged in the project despite such length between each working session!

Week 1: Constructed the family tree

Week 2: Found out all the names three generations up through e-mail and phone calls. Wrote out the information by hand. Pasted to family tree.

Week 3: Gathered short biographical information on each person through e-mail and phone calls. Wrote out answers and then typed them into an excel document to print. Pasted to family tree.

Week 4: Wrote a longer biography on one person by interviewing on e-mail. Read aloud answers and wrote several sentences based on information. Copied paragraph in "best printing".

Pictured here are the results of the tree and the completed biography on Pops.

My Pops, a Biography written by Jack

My Pops’ name is Jerry. Pop’s best friend was Uncle Joe when he was a kid. They played tag and hide and seek. Pops got his first TV when he was 12. Pops plays croquet and badminton with me. He is loving. He is good at fishing.


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