Friday, October 2, 2009

Their Greatest Adventure

As I figure out more ways to have the kids write for authentic purposes, they noticed a fun chance to win a trip to Alaska at our local Subway recently. So after some careful thinking, each child decided a future direction their paths might take them some day.

Greatest Adventure, by Jackson
Someday I will go to Egypt. I will swim and run to get there from Wisconsin. I will find treasures in temples and pyramids. I will see a sphinx and go into them to see if they have treasures. I will touch golden things in the pyramids and build my own pyramids in the sand.

Greatest Adventure, by Lena
I will hold a shark upside down, a lemon shark, upside down in the water and he will fall asleep. My other will be to have a beach and water.

(I couldn't resist the emotions of Lena as I tried to take her picture...what an actresses' range!)