Friday, November 6, 2009

Judgment Day

If you were ever tempted to judge a homeschooling family, this would be the week to do it at our house. The Daddy took ill and in lieu of Mom’s sanity the majority of traditional schooling fell by the wayside.

This is what remained:
• extra chores for all (keeping house helped Mom’s mental health)
• avoiding Dad like he DID have the plague (which he didn’t)
• prayer requests made and prayer answered
• preschool for Lena
• friends over to play (mostly outside and at the park) on two separate days
• insane amounts of hand washing, oranges, and liquids
• help from Grandma & Gramps “T”
• help from a neighbor to carpool
• Awana for Jackson
• Playdate at church
• Friday fieldtrip to the zoo (PTL for sunshine, today)
• PJ treated at Starbucks (Thanks, H!)
• Letting PJ cling to Mom while cutting 3 top teeth at the same time
• Many independent reading moments
• Chapter books completed
• A few extra movies (not too bad)
• Several overwhelming moments
• Examples of servanthood to witness (hopefully with a cheerful attitude!)

Okay, so in review, not such a bad week. If nothing else, we’re all much more motivated to live healthy and in a preventative manner with illness! 

We'll be "back on the horse" next week, I know.  I also see, though, that as the kids get older, these seemingly disruptive issues will not put such a halt on our homeschool ways. 

Thanks for the prayers,
J & Co.

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