Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Chapter Books

Here is a list of chapter books Jack read this month. The books were chosen by him for the majority. I've kept our one book basket as full as possible with chapter books that I think might interest him. I go back and forth in my brain between having him read only "good literature" and have him just READING! Remember: P = Pokemon!!

P: Johto Journeys Chikirita Challenge, P Jr. Goodbye Lapras, P: Johto Journeys All Fired Up, Big Balloon Race, Arthur Makes the Team, Magic School Bus Voyage to the Volcano, P: Team Rocket Blasts Off, Jigsaw Jones Case of the Class Clown, P: Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon, Magic Tree House #22 Revolutionary War on Wednesday, Magic School Bus #11 Insect Invaders, Scooby Doo Case Files #1 The Devilish Donut, Gus & Gertie The Missing Pearl, Gus & Gertie The Lucky Charms

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