Monday, November 2, 2009

Penguin Week!

Penguin week was the topic we delved into for this past week’s unit study. It doesn’t seem like it was three whole weeks of “regular curriculum” we’ve covered before laying our learning through the blanket of penguins! But sure enough, the 17 species of these lovable creatures waddled their way into our hearts and minds this week!

I, again, was able to find a lot of great information through the local library (yes, again exceeded book limit) and the internet. I borrowed the idea of creating “lap books” as our main research project for penguins. Lena really enjoyed the lap book. I printed off different worksheet styles and then cut them up to use for different parts of each kids’ book. It was fun to see Lena get excited about the project. Since she was off preschool this week and last, she’s been right in there with Jack and I and all our work and reading. Though much of the information for the lap books was the same for each child, it can easily be tweaked for older and younger children to stretch their learning.

Lena studied penguin parts and practiced;
writing the letter P, cutting, coloring and addition.


Jack studied the south pole, Antartica, and
penguin: body parts, food chain, and habitat.

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