Monday, December 7, 2009

Nice or Not So Nice

A great way to get kids to write is to make it authentic, yes?  What better way than to write out their Christmas letter and wish list to Santa!  The completed lists the kids made were:

predictable (Jack),
-Aurceas (Pokemon)
-Pokemon game
-Big Nerf gun
-Nerf sword
-Pokemon animals

unpredictable (Lena),
-a big blue unicorn in it's own purse
-Barbie set
-my own little pet shop toy
-a doll with purple jammies
-my own little purple suitcase

and exciting (PJ)!!
-something exciting
-a new baby bottle
-a toy to teach him to speak

For Saint Nick’s Day, each kid got a package of German Wafer Cookies and also their letter from Santa telling them their “rank” on the naughty/nice list. Try this link for a fun, free, and easy to use form letter.  We've been doing this for several years, and I have past letters saved for their memory books.

PS. Take note I’m trying REALLY hard to keep this post about homeschooling!!! Maybe I’m stretching a little during these holiday months!

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