Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November Reading List

Note to self: This list is a bit lengthy due to the larger than normal amounts of time in sick bay (aka the couch).

Magic Tree House #40, P: Save those Mudkips, P: Pikachu in Love, P: Tree's a Crowd, Bailey School Kids; Zombies Don't Play Soccer, Mr. Poppers Penguins, Magic Tree House # 29, Catch That Wobbefat, Electric Pikachu Boogaloo, Long Way Westward, Bailey School Kids #3, The Trail of Tears, Riding the Pony Express, Nate the Great and the Halloween Hunt, Choose Your Own Adventure; The Cave of Time, Magic Tree House #41, How to Drive Your Sister Crazy, Journey of a Pioneer, My America: A Perfect Place, Electric Tale of Pikachu, Magic Tree House #25, Bailey School Kids #17, Magic Tree House #28, Geronimo Stilton #21, A Perfect Place: My America, Race to Danger Pokemon, P: Battle Frontier Dioxys in Danger, P: Charizard Go, P: Pikachu's Vacation, Dolphis & Sharks; Magic Tree House Research Guide, Frog & Toad All Year, The Top 10 Pokemon Guide, P: Munchlax

Starting to see some series favorites, eh!

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