Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Experiementing on Lena

Several weeks ago at my Bible study, I asked for prayer between Lena and I. She and I must have had a rough day together, but I don’t remember what specifically prompted the prayer request. I formed it in such a way, that the gals in my study decided I was embarking on some sort of social “experiment”. The gist of my prayer was this: instead of frustrating myself with continual training of Lena over the same few issues, increase MY patience instead.

I started thinking that maybe the issues weren’t just that of this four year old child, but MY ISSUES dealing with lack of self control and impatience.

Questions swirl…are my expectations too high, are these issues changeable if not now then ever, can you change a person’s impulsive personality, how can I train emotion???

I’m happy to report: Praise God, prayer works! Overall, I was far less worn out from her at the end of each day. I had more patience and enjoyment of spending time with her and even had some good moments with her at “Mom’s hour of little patience” also known as bedtime.
Not that we’ve completely thrown training (a kinder way of saying discipline) out the window! It is simply a refocus of energy into areas where WE can actually help her grow, and a new sensitivity to areas where THE LORD will be the one to channel her “passions” for His glory and in His timing.

It sounds like we often put her personality into a negative category and the truth is far, far from that for Paul and I. Lena is a funny, energetic, lively little girl who has her Mom and Dad wrapped around her finger! If you feel compelled to pray for us all, please do! Pray that Paul, Jack, PJ & I will continue to be her loudest cheerleaders and biggest supporters!


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