Friday, January 29, 2010

Four year old Faith

Last night as I was tucking Lena into bed she said "I wonder when I will die".  Strange question, it may seem at first, but you know how lightly she approaches things and I'm not sure she was thinking of it quite as deeply as you might first assume.  There was no fear involved, I guess, is what I mean.

The conversation continued and I'll share her end: "Because I want to know what heaven is like.  There are no real unicorns.  Isn't it funny that Jesus died on the cross the same day as the Easter bunny comes?  Plus, the Easter bunny isn't really real.  Like Santa Claus is real".

Paul had a talk with Jackson about salvation when he was 4, so it had been on my mind to have a more serious discussion with Lena for quite some time.  I was glad it came up naturally.

She did pray on her own as I listened with several distinct parts.  She prayed (I'll edit it down!): all people are sinners, including herself; she believes Jesus died on the cross to pay for her sins; God now sees her as a perfect child of God because of the sacrifice of Jesus.  She even kind of grabbed my cheeks and said with a lot of intensity "Even you are a lamb of God, Mom, and you're not even a kid". 

I know it's just the beginning of a lifelong discussion of her faith in Christ, but it provided me some peace knowing she will have the Lord with her for a lifetime.  I'm excited for the relationship such an early commitment will make!

(photos courtesy of J. Resemius!)

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