Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cop a Squat

On a recent frigid day, we had the fun opportunity to head to the mall with a friend. 

Because of our distance to the shopping area, when we go...we stay!  We picked Lena up from preschool and headed to the food court.  It's a bit of a drag, they don't have a McD's at the mall's a cheap and sure deal-meal for all three (and me!).  We let the kids roam.  PJ especially loves to stretch his legs.  Lena loves to touch everything!  I love that the kids get super excited about dessert at the  25 cent candy machines.  

My favorite spot is the book store.  I grab a coffee and we go and "cop a squat".  The kids area is in the back of the store and pretty well blocked off, that I feel safe letting Jack & Lena roam the few aisles on their own while I follow PJ and reshelf books after him.  They really LOVE to just grab a book and take a look.  And then another, and another, and another!  Even PJ gets into the act (what a mimic!!).

Hoping your day finds you with a new book and a strong cup-o-joe!

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures. It is such a joy for me to see them so interested in books and being exposed to so many interests. You Rock and so does your family. What an adventure with your oriental meal. Memories are forever and these children will have so many happy ones. Janenne