Monday, January 25, 2010


Warmer outside temps make for good fort building! (Picture by Paul!)

We were able to get back to the pool this weekend for some indoor swimming.  We had a good time, but for now, our trips don't last very long.  After about an hour, I think PJ gets too cold and/or Paul and I tire of holding him as he constantly pushes us away to try and "swim" by himself!  Lena is more than ready to swim on her own full time, but realizes she has more staying power when she wears her swim jacket.  Jack did great...just puts on his goggles and goes, and his arm is getting stronger all the time.  Lucky for us, we have a pass so we don't have to stay any longer than we want.

We also tried Chinese food this weekend as a close to our Asian study.  It was full contact eating at it's best for Paul and I.  Trying to eat our own meal while slicing, dicing, and dipping for the other three.  Jack lost interest first (NOT an adventurous eater) after a few bites of sweet and sour chicken without the sweet and sour (and no ketchup...what country was that invented in, anyway?).  Lena held her own on the fried chicken and PJ was the champ eating anything (even beef and broccoli) dipped in the sweet and sour sauce.  If you've never tried eating in a small booth with three kids, you should try lose almost as many calories as you're able to consume!

But, help us...Paul and I do LOVE to eat out!

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