Friday, January 22, 2010

Results Are In

1.  Lena got the coveted bucket of "show-n-tell" for Thursday at preschool.  The results are in and the valuable items she chose to share were: piggy (you knew!), tiara, magic wand, family picture, pink zu-zu pet.  I'm working on uploading some video...a lap top may be in our future as the hard drive we purchased last year doesn't have an input for one.  Suggestions are welcome on good lap tops!

2.  After a recent viewing of Spy Kids, there has been a lot of covert play around the house.  Spy Kids was a good family movie if you'd like to check out the review you can head to Focus on the Family's "Plugged In Online" feature.  Since watching the movie, in fact, I've had several good talks with the kids about "family togetherness" and how we can work as a team to accomplish what we all want!  Anyway, the results are in, if you want to be on Lena's Spy Team here is the list of requirements:
-must be a girl, Mom or baby boy
-must wear pink tights or another color if not pink
-can bring a stuffed animal if you want
-can bring a blankey if you want

3.  And finally...the results are in on the stick dragon puppets we've been working on this week.  Most fun (and frustrating???) art project to date!!!  Honestly, I didn't direct too much for the creative process and was very prepared with tools and needed supplies whenever we sat down to work.  Both of these aforementioned helped the kids (and I) have a lot of fun with the creative process. 

It always seems to be a challenge to convince kids that perfect art is not what we're after...just their best effort.  It's all mental, in this case, because the kids do nice work when they put in the time and effort.

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Anonymous said...

The dragons are wonderful! I love the bottom trim and the each mouth has a special growl or "smile". An interesting project with great results! Janenne