Friday, January 8, 2010

It Must Be Done...

I've had this post rolling in my mind for some time now...since months ago when PJ began to crawl for the bookcase with the cd's.

Now, I feel like I'm trash talking about PJ, must be done.

Sure he began life as what we call "the angel baby".  I mean, really, I didn't know it was possible to feed, play with, then swaddle a baby and lay him to bed where he ... FALLS ASLEEP!  No crying, no gnashing of gums, no drama?  It was of unheard of for this mama, and so he was dubbed "angel baby". 

And then yesterday.... HE BIT HIS SISTER!  Yep, those six teeth can be quite gruesome when working together for evil.

But as I see, it, he's not unlike any other baby.  It begins when they crawl.  That's when you can start to see that humans don't need to learn to be nasty.  They have that natural sin in them upon birth.  It only begins to show itself once they crawl...then you can see that they know how to be naughty and disobey without even learning it on the school bus!!

In this house, babies first learn to hear the word "NO" when they are crawling for the cd case.  And it's a gentle "no, no" with a redirection of the baby's crawling angle diverted and turned toward another direction to the living room. 

But, now, he is over one year old.  And he knows: when he takes cd's off the case and throws them on the floor, turns around and runs away with something contraband in his grubby hands, stands up on the kitchen stool which is way too high, gets the plunger out of the open closet door, kicks when you try to change a stinky diaper or take off his pajamas... trouble is coming.  And trouble's name is MOM.  He gets the stern NO and possibly a squeeze of the little palm or thigh.  Ouch!  He looks at you with those eyes as if to say "yes, yes, I understand".  And then he gets the redirection and diverting hug and kiss toward another direction of the world!

(Editor's Note: As for the bitten big know what they say "what goes around comes around"!)

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Anonymous said...

All this is so true but in the pictures he still looks like an angel baby to me!
Have a great day,