Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's Roll

Recently we've been just practicing, practicing, practicing higher math facts.  Flashcards, worksheets, timed tests, etc.  I was reluctant to focus too heavily on multiplication a) during the holiday's and b) before we had a more firm grasp of double digit addition which requires carrying over in place value.  This week we have been playing "Math Dice" in a variety of different ways.

For some reason, adding math to the practice of sums, makes it MUCH MORE FUN!

Any variation on this theme works:
You roll two dice: a 2 and a 3 turn into 23
You roll again:      a 4 and a 9 turn into 49
What fun, you get to add those two big numbers together!

NOW, it's Mom's turn!!  If you can add the idea of COMPETITION for Jack, it suddenly becomes an exciting challenge!

Once you've each had ten turns, you use the calculator to add up your sums and you get a bit of calculator practice in, as well.

Gotta turn is up!

For more fun math dice ideas check out here, here or here!

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Anonymous said...

Jenny your organization is just amazing. I love the best of 2009 pictures:) Janenne