Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Home Ec 101

Once a week, I made a concerted effort to practice one of the lost arts of home economics with Jack.  I'm sure in other ways, we happen upon activities naturally, but at least in my mind, I know I've made an effort to make him into a sensitive and capable "90's man" (go back and watch the movie Singles if you've forgotten what this is!!).  These past few weeks we've worked on candy making (a first for me) and paper crafts!

We began our Valentines planning several weeks ago, that we might accomplish some fun projects without a rush.  With the help of the google search on Crafty Crow, I let the kids choose their Valentines to hand out.  Jack chose to make suckers and he handed them out to his Sunday School class and various other family/friends.  Lena chose candy bags and with the help of a friend, we made up several dozen for her preschool class and her to enjoy.  In her class, she got more pencils than candy this year attached to Valentines....what??!?

Finally, we baked some cookies which I decorated after the kids went to bed.  I couldn't help myself...I bought some new icing squeeze bottles and went to town.  Luckily, there were no hurt feelings this time that I'd gone ahead without them (and I saved myself several dollars worth of sprinkles too!!).


our love...

to you, today!

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